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Bar Line

A rich array of blends to delight the palate and inspire the art of the master coffee-maker. Here the finest quality Arabica and Robusta beans, in varieties selected exclusively from the tropical plantations of Central America and Africa, form the foundation of a high-quality production chain that creates the personality of each blend, making its taste instantly recognizable.

Valentino Caffe - maestri caffettieri

Back to school with Valentino Caffè

Nobody is born a Master Coffee-Maker, but you can become one. Learn the art of the master coffee-maker, specialize in this art and stay up-to-day on new menus and recipes. Masters Courses, workshops, meetings and events dedicated to the culture and practice of a quintessentially Italian art that is highly respected around the world.

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News what to know, what to do, what to share

Stay up date with everything that’s happening in the world of Valentino Caffè with our calendar of events.

Front page news: Back to school with Valentino Caffè: for Master Coffee-Makers, here are the dates of our new courses – sign up now.

Valentino Caffe - Linea ufficio

Valentino Caffè at home and in the office

At home or in the office, just like at the bar: with all the taste of a good coffee or a good cappuccino at your fingertips. With the products of the Valentino Caffè Home and Office Line, you need never miss out on the great taste and enjoyment of your daily ritual.

Bar Menù

Not just Espresso and not just Cappuccino. Lots of original and traditional recipes, all of them delicious, to choose from our menu and enjoy at the bar. A touch of elegance and the chance to offer customers a variety of flavours, for the bars who choose the Valentino Caffè product line.

Valentino Caffe - Un fotografo al bar

A photographer at the bar – journeys

In a series of features, a fine art photographer depicts the wonderful world of bars and coffee shops. In a personal journey around Valentino Caffè bars, he travels around an itinerary of fascinating places to build a unique collection of photographs. Concept and photos by Marcello Moscara. You can suggest your bar as a setting and invite him to visit. First stop: Matera, European Capital of Culture.

Valentino Caffe -storia

Here coffee is a family tradition

Officially, we have been making coffee since 1953. But the family entered the trade even earlier. It all began towards the end of the war, when Salvatore Montefrancesco, our paternal grandfather, began roasting coffee to supply to the Allied troops. Then in 1953, while still young men, having grown up among coffee beans and stories of roasting and blending, Gaetano and Antonio Egidio transformed their father’s vision into a business. There was still no name. They found one in their grandmother’s winning surname: Valentino.

Valentino caffe - Lussemburgo

Our office in Luxembourg

Our sales office in the heart of Europe is the jewel in the crown of the sales division, with a warehouse that is always well supplied, excellent product quality control and a network of agents who call it their base. From here, Valentino Caffè’s high-quality Italian espresso travels across Europe and the very Italian art of coffee flies the “Made in Italy” flag.

Valentino Caffe - Assistenza

Customer support service

24 hours a day, 7 days a week: close to our customers wherever they are. Because to make a high quality espresso coffee you need three things: a good blend, a good master coffee-maker and an espresso machine that always works perfectly. With our passion for quality, we have always focused on ensuring perfection right down to this final link in the production chain.

The world of Valentino Caffè

Enhancing the taste of a good coffee with elegant details: arty cups, collector’s tins, designer clocks, and fine art photographs in signed, numbered collector’s prints. To enter the world of Valentino Caffè is also to live, taste and share your passion for art and culture, made up of so many little things. Because style, as we all know, is about the details.


A small selection of useful and interesting news about what is being seen, done and said in the colourful world of coffee. A way of staying up to date. And sharing. Column by Daniele Bortone.

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Valentino Caffe -fotogallery

Master coffee-makers photo gallery

A story in images. The most significant moments in the life of our “Master Coffee-Makers” school are preserved in albums in this archive: with the people who join us in creating new stories every day to fill the world of Valentino Caffè.