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24 hours a day, 7 days a week: close to our customers wherever they are.

Valentino Caffè customer support periodically carries out routine checks on the coffee machines and all the equipment installed in the bars.

For emergency situations we offer the guarantee of a team of technicians, available immediately, anywhere.

Why such a commitment?

Because to make a high-quality espresso coffee, first and foremost you need three things: a good blend, a good master coffee-maker and an espresso machine that always works perfectly.

With our passion for quality, we have always focused on ensuring perfection right down to this final link in the production chain.

When a passion for coffee also extends to customer service

– Checks and maintenance of espresso machines

Our periodic checks ensure constant, perfect maintenance of espresso machines.

Our bars are supplied with coffee weekly. At the moment of delivery, our technicians also carry out a check of the equipment.


We check

  • replacement of seals
  • adjustment of grinder
  • adjustment of dose
  • replacement of burrs


We test

  • espresso machine
  • grinder
  • cup washer
  • ice maker
  • barley coffee/ginseng machine

Emergency technical support for repairs or replacement of parts

The service is carried out on request. Each of our customers is provided with a direct number for their local technical support service.