Step by step we assemble the flavour and qualities of the coffee you’ll find in the cup

Valentino Caffe - Il ciclo di produzione

On the cutting edge of tradition: in the day-to-day life of the plant, the experience of artisanal practices and the support of the latest technology reinforce a system of values built around people, hard work, respect for nature and the environment, quality, and the taste of the product offered.

The heart of the plant: where the synergy between man and machine is expressed

This is the beating heart of the system: the roasting machine, with which the master roaster interacts constantly. The dialogue between craftsman and machine is expressed in the management of the “toasting curve”: a constantly controlled temperature and just the right amount of cooking, to obtain exactly what we desire in the cup.

Valentino Caffe - Il ciclo di produzione

The practice of separate roasting: a made-to-measure roast for each variety of coffee.

The chosen method of roasting requires the skill and sensitivity of the master roaster, accumulated over many years of experience. Before putting together the blend, each variety of coffee will be treated so as to maintain, express and bring out its particular qualities of aroma, structure and flavour, through the degree of toasting that the master toaster knows is ideal for each one.

Valentino Caffe - Il ciclo di produzioneValentino Caffe - Il ciclo di produzione

The delicate phase of cooling and degassing

Control of the toasting curve, separate toasting and control of degassing in the cooling phase: all the senses and mastery of the toaster are brought to bear in the perfect perception of “time”. The cooling phase, which is every bit as important as roasting, is also about controlling the release of part of the carbon dioxide naturally present in the coffee. A delicate phase, a bit like the ageing phase for wine. This is what ensures the conservation of the qualities that emerge from roasting: the volume, friability and colour of the grains, and also the condensation of the aromatic substances present in the coffee. Proper degassing is also what generates the texture of the foam that we find in our cup of espresso coffee.

Valentino Caffe - Il ciclo di produzione

The Valentino Caffè blends: “sapiens dictus a sapore”

Expertly fine-tuned over the course of many years, the recipes of our blends are the fruit of the plant’s history and the people who built that history. It expresses the accumulated know-how that takes the form of flavour in the blends. The quotation in the headline from Isidore of Seville (meaning “wisdom gives flavour”) justifies and reinforces our belief that taste comes from knowledge and experience.

Valentino Caffe - Il ciclo di produzione

Modern, cutting-edge systems to control production

Taking advantage of a computer-configured process, the phase of preparing the blends begins. In addition to the computer, which supervises the formulae for Valentino Caffè recipes, the other players in this phase are the weighing scales and the mixer


The formula for each flavour resides in the recipe, while its conservation and the appeal that will lead to it being chosen are entrusted to the packaging phase. In the plant this is the final step in the production and quality control cycle: delivery to the customer follows immediately afterwards so that the coffee retains all of its organoleptic qualities, all the way to the cup.

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