Valentino Caffe - Maestri Caffettieri

What and how to choose

A complete training program in three courses to become a master coffee-maker.

Valentino Caffe - maestri caffettieri

Basic course for beginners who are new to coffee-making

How to make an espresso coffee to a professional standard

An introduction to the world of coffee. A day of full immersion designed for those entering the world of bars and coffee-making for the first time. The training program covers theoretical ideas and includes practical workshops. In the classroom: getting to know the espresso machine – getting to know coffee – getting to know blends. In the workshop: preparing espresso coffee – the path from coffee to cup: step by step, how to apply the 5 rules (Blend, Grinding, Machine, Hand, Maintenance). Time: from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

Topics and contents of the program

Introduction to the world of the bar, organizing your workstation, front and back, know the equipment, basic rules and practical trials, making an espresso coffee, frothing the milk.

Valentino Caffe - maestri caffettieri

2nd level intermediate course

for those who already have some experience or have already attended our basic course.

How to make a good cappuccino and also learn some ideas about communication and marketing.

Three lectures in the classroom plus practical experience in the workshop, two days of full immersion to master the technique of cappuccino-making and enter the multi-faceted world of coffee, starting with understanding and learning “Milk Art”. With some basic ideas for learning to manage other important aspects of developing a business. Time: from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

Topics and contents of the program

Professional cappuccino-making and perfect milk-frothing, Introduction to the world of Milk Art, Business management and marketing: basic ideas, Communicating and sharing: introduction to the world of social media.

Valentino Caffe - maestri caffettieri

3rd level advanced course

How to satisfy the criteria to call oneself – and feel like – a true Master Coffee-Maker

Three days of full immersion in the classroom and in the workshop to specialize and become recognized as a Master Coffee-Maker. A teaching program aimed at enhancing the knowledge and technical skills that make up the coffee-maker’s art. A detailed insider’s view of the world of coffee and coffee-making. A closing test offers access to the title of Master Coffee-Maker certified by Valentino Caffè. Over three days: from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

Topics and contents of the program

Understanding the techniques of extraction (brewing), Brew ratio (the ideal grinding for correct extraction), Traditional cappuccino, Various techniques of Milk Art, Marketing and economics applied to the world of bars, Understanding and effective use of social media. The value of sharing, Theory and practice of integrated communication starting with presentation and table service and culminating in the creation of an event and the communication of values.

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What is our school for Master Coffee-Makers and how does it work?

A craft that cannot be improvised, an art that must be learned.

The courses. Organized into first, second and third-level courses and subdivided into classroom lectures and workshop activities, our courses aim to provide all the skills required by anyone starting out in the job and the ‘career’ of barista, barman or bar manager, and also anyone who has decided to start their own business activity. Courses and seminars are also aimed at those wishing to refine their Master Coffee-Maker’s art, from the preparation of menus to improving style and service, not forgetting the skills needed to communicate and promote one’s business.

Other events. Valentino Caffè complements its regular scheduled business courses with numerous other cultural and training events organized in the form of seminars, workshops and themed events. Guided tasting sessions, sensory analysis, seasonal recipes and preparations, updates, new trends from the world of coffee: these are just some of the topics covered and studied in depth.

Valentino Caffe - maestri caffettieri

Who is it for?

How to train and how to excel in the art of the Master Coffee-Maker.
For the barista starting out in the profession, an art that must be learned.
For the expert Master Coffee-Maker, a way of improving and excelling.
For us at Valentino Caffè, a useful service and another opportunity to offer our customers.

Why attend?

Because nobody is born a Master Coffee-Maker, but anyone can become one.

To make a good espresso or a good cappuccino requires the method, technique, abilities and understanding – in other words the art and skills – of the barista. To help you become a Master Coffee-Maker, Valentino Caffè has created its own special school as a form of “customer service”: training courses and events dedicated to the culture and technique of coffee-making, useful for those who wish to start out in this activity or improve their skills and stay up-to-date on new ideas and trends. Do you want to become a Master Coffee-Maker? Attend our courses and take part in our themed events. It’s a great opportunity offered to you by Valentino Caffè to help you develop your bar and your career. We do it for ourselves too, because the experience and art of the good coffee-maker are the final important link in the chain of quality offered by Valentino Caffè.

Valentino Caffe - Maestri Caffettieri


Sites of the Master Coffee-Makers school: in Italy: Lecce, Valentino Caffè SpA, Zona Industriale, Via Croazia 8 // in Luxembourg: Rue de Turi, 3378 Livange, Luxembourg.

On request and for groups we organize masters courses and workshops at other sites in Italy and abroad.


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