The quality certifications and the behaviour that make a company a model ecosystem

The company as an ecosystem where productivity is measured against principles of quality applied to each place of work and each process: this is the model that has always inspired Valentino Caffè, even when terms like sustainability, ecology, respect for nature and protecting resources were not as ”topical” as they are today. And now that the subject of sustainability has become an “emergency” for our planet, we are well aware of the importance assumed by even the small actions and details which, thanks to new technology, we are able to dedicate to the environment. It is a sense of corporate social responsibility that sees us increasingly oriented towards the generation of social value.

From “doing things right” to “doing things for the common good” – the idea of sustainability as a shared value – our history and corporate culture perfectly express this continuity.

Valentino Caffe - Sostenibilità

Where energy comes from the sun.

Valentino Caffe - Lussemburgo

The use of eco-compatible, non-polluting materials, like filters made of food-grade paper for the coffee pods in our office and home line.

With certifications of origin, quality and plant health for all the goods that arrive.

Working environment and working culture as a shared value.

Valentino Caffe - Artisti

Culture and sharing: working with artists to promote Taste and Arts as values for the new generations – the company as a place where culture is produced and offered.

Valentino Caffe - Artisti

Photography projects: A photographer at the bar.

Our high-quality photo features.