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Here coffee is a family tradition
Promoting the tradition, style and taste of the finest Italian espresso coffee since 1953

Founded in 1953 thanks to the insight of the young Gaetano Montefrancesco and now the leading coffee business in the south of Italy, Valentino Caffè has developed markets in Italy and Europe, contributing to the promotion and reputation of authentic Italian Espresso coffee, recognized and appreciated as an important component of the “Made in Italy” phenomenon.

By Gaetano’s side was his brother Antonio Egidio, who believed in that insight and transformed into a “business vision”, and who runs the company to this day.


The power of that dream, along with a passion for the trade, a high degree of professionalism and a legacy of skills and craftsmanship, have helped grow that little roasting business from the ‘50s, organizing it into a perfect supply chain, from the plant to the cup: a chain whose value lies in the attention paid to the production cycle, in the rich, high-quality product range and in the network of services offered to both customers and consumers.

We offer coffee all the way to the cup

Here we like to say that we offer coffee all the way to the cup, meaning that for us providing a service to the customer (the bar or the office) and from the customer to the end user (the person who drinks the coffee) is just as important as producing an excellent blend.

  • A highly organized network of agents and dealers spread across Europe and beyond
  • a sales office with customer support and training in Luxembourg
  • respect for rapid, punctual delivery times every week so that the roasted coffee retains its quality and aromas
  • courses to train people in how to make real Italian espresso, the creation of recipes to offer original menus in coffee shops and bars, highly innovative research into products related to the new awareness of environmental issues, sustainability and biocompatibility

these are the secrets of a success built on hard work, focusing on maximum quality and maximum customer satisfaction.

A background in beans and blends, with an idea in his head and a plan for every day at work

Our job is to be ambassadors for the tradition and taste of Italian Espresso in the bars and coffee shops of Europe and beyond. Because you can get a coffee anywhere, as Gaetano would say to his employees, but only a professionally-made Italian espresso can give you that classic bitterness and that sweet, unique, incomparable sensation of creaminess that caresses your mouth and inebriates your mind with its special aroma.

Valentino Caffè regala Arte.

Con la promozione sulla nuova linea di prodotti per supermercato.

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Sono arrivati i nuovi prodotti, Deciso, Gentile e Bio.

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Sono arrivati i nuovi prodotti, Deciso, Gentile e Bio.

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